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Meet Marisa Coppola, head interior designer of Coppola Design.


To me - designing, remodeling, and building your own home is something that should be fun! This is a chance for you to bring your Pinterest board to life.


My goal is to help you seamlessly execute your next project so it looks as beautiful as you always imagined it! I believe a home is an important place to feel inspired, comfortable, and safe... But also look stunning, be functional for your lifestyle, and make people's jaws drop! 


Ever since I was little, I have been following my Dad around his construction sites where he builds custom homes. I have always been admirable and critical of all the design elements that are selected for some of his homes. 

I went to Colorado State and found myself looking for ways to merge my love for design and fashion. A degree in Apparel and Merchandising was all I focused on for the next few years. We had so much fun in our program, designing  storefronts, businesses, clothes, you name it. I like to say we are the business-minded, interior designers of a fashion brand. 

After graduation, I quickly realized being in the fashion world was not for me. Covid hit and closed many if not all retail locations for a while, and that is when the lightbulb moment went off for me. Working from home is the way of the future and merchandising for a retailer isn't my end goal.

Finally, I married a military man, moved three times in 2 years, and started to feel like I needed a new path to execute my passions with this crazy, but wonderful life we live! This is when Coppola Design was built. Not only is this a way for me to help you find comfort in your design decisions, but it also allows me to feel confident in something I can build along the way as we continue to move around the country. 

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